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cushions without embroidery

Medtitation cushion Yogi Moon ia cresent moonshaped which allow comfort and support when sitting in ceoss legged postures. The design allows the pelvit to gently tilt and the knees to move towards the floor. As a result the spine is free to straighten  in the optimal meditation posture, while the knees and ankles rest gently on the floor.

Yodi Moon (1)

The Zafu Zen is a traditional meditation cushion with pleats, used for all sitting techniques. Suitable for classical techniques as taught in Zen, Hinayana, Mahayana and Yoga, black with white band - Made in Germany

The cushions are made with 100% natural materials (cotton and the finest Javanese kapok) and then filled by hand, resulting in a firm and evenly filled cushion. The cover is non-removable and the cushion is without an insert.  It is possible to add or remove filling through a hidden velcro opening in one of the pleats.

  • size approx.: 32 cm diameter x 17 cm high
  • weight approx.: 1.4 kg
  • Colors: black with white carrying strap
  • Filling: kapok

Note: removable and washable covers with a zipper and carrying strap are available. Please contact us.

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