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The eye pillow with rose quatrz helps easy falling asleep

Date: 2014-01-10

A luxurious eye pillow filled with organic flaxseed and semi-precious stones, with a removable cover of pure silk. The pillow adapts wonderfully to the contours of the face, the fine silk fabric has a soothing, cooling effect. The gentle pressure of the cushion on the eyes and face supports the nervous system in relaxation and regeneration.

Removable, washable silk cover (hand wash), inner cover of 100% cotton.

LOVE with rose quartz, incl. aroma blend »Purple Rose« 5 ml

Rose quartz, the stone of love, softens feelings, creates feelings of compassion and harmony, and helps falling asleep..

MEDITATION with amethyst, incl. aroma blend »Meditation« 5 ml

Amethyst has a balancing and soothing effect, quieting the restless mind. It promotes alertness and is excellent for meditation.

HARMONY with sodalite, incl. aroma blend »Harmony« 5 ml

Sodalite is particularly effective on the mental level. It helps restore emotional balance and create feelings of self-confidence. Feelings of guilt and fear lose their substance. Sodalite cools and soothes and helps organize thoughts. 

JOY with aventurine, incl. aroma blend »Freshness, Silence« 5 ml

Aventurine soothes the nervous system, it strengthens and relaxes, reduces stress and inner tension. It is a stone with the qualities of balance and harmony.

  • cover: silk
  • with separate inner cover
  • filling: organic flaxseed and semi-precious stones
  • including matching Volatile essential oil aroma blend 5 ml
  • set in attractive gift box, 24 x 11 cm, approx. 280 g



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