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The Zen transcendental game

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THE TRANSCENDENTAL GAME OF DAY SOMETIMES IN OUR LIFE there are times when we are filled with doubt and uncertainty, and then we want to find some source of inspiration and hope - what will the future hold for me, how will my health be, what will happen to my children? What will happen if I act this way, if I choose to act this way and not otherwise? This is exactly what the traditional Tarot cards are used for - to satisfy the longing to learn more about the past and the future. •These OSHO Zen Tarots work in a different way - they focus on a deeper understanding of the "here and now". It is a system in which the wisdom of Zen is embedded, and this wisdom tells us that what is happening in the outside world is only a reflection of our own thoughts and feelings, even though we ourselves may not be aware of exactly what those thoughts and feelings are. It would be good to shift our attention from external events in order to achieve a new and clearer understanding of what is happening in our innermost being. •The conditions and states of consciousness depicted in contemporary map imagery are themselves transitory and transformative. The text in the accompanying booklet offers interpretation and meaning to the images through the simple, understandable and accessible language of Zen. Publisher: Blue Birds EOOD 2023 ISBN: 978-619-90661-1-9 Book cover: Paperback Pages: 76 Cards: 79 pieces