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MATURITY - A book from OSHO

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"Maturity has nothing to do with your life experience. It has something to do with your inner journey, with your inner experience. The deeper a person goes into himself, the more mature he is. When he has reached the very center of his being, he is fully mature. But the moment the personality disappears, only the presence remains.

The self disappears, only silence remains Knowledge disappears, only innocence remains. To me, maturity is another name for fulfillment: you have reached the realization of your potential, it has become real.

The seed has gone on a long journey and has blossomed. Maturity has a flavor. It gives a person an infinite beauty. It gives him intelligence, the greatest possible intelligence. It only turns it into love. His actions are love, his passivity is love, his life is love, his death is love. He is just a flower of love.”


Publisher: Blue Birds Ltd. 2020

Maturity - First Edition ISBN: 978-619-91065-0-1

Cover: Paperback

Pages: 170